A merry year at ImOK

Hello friend! Long time no see! What have you been up to lately? How is everything going?

Let ME (ME, as in me and my great team) tell you what has happened with us in the past year. Since last Christmas, because that was the last time this blog has seen some action. By the way, I promise we will deliver more content on this Million dollar blog next year. Ok, moving on!

Since it is the end of another year, we reflect back these days on our projects, our team and teamwork, our development (both professional and personal), our progress. Each and everyone of us feels that we have made big steps (yet again! :D) and we are grateful for all the wonderful things we could do. We are excited about the growth of the team. This year, we almost doubled in numbers – ladies and gentleman, meet Miki, Czoka and Sasz. It was a massive satisfaction to see how these guys have managed to blend into the team  – we feel that we are working together since the beginning. There is definitely good chemistry between us, which is one of the cores to the success of a company like ours. We don’t stop here: we are looking for other talented peeps to join our team, so if you know someone who would like to work with us and gather knowledge every day in design, web development, app development or online marketing, hit us up with an email.

We are also grateful for all our clients who believed in us and gave us awesome projects we are proud of. This was another big step and we learned a lot and made incredible new things. One can never stop learning, and this is one of the greatest things in this field of business. We absolutely love doing what we are doing!

This year we made an awesome website for Snake River Brewery (truly great local beer, we tried them), we finished three major custom websites for Maurer Imobiliare and we launched the new Regiotrans trainline platform. We also made huge progress with two mobile apps – myHoliday and a service app for Maurer Imobiliare (soon to be released). And these are just a few of the many exciting projects we were involved in.

Through the wast experience that this year has given us, there was an important lesson, that represents this holiday by the way…
Yes, I’m talking about Love. And the real type of love. What is that?
Have you ever asked yourself the question? What is love?


We found out that it is the pleasure to give. When you give, without expecting anything in return, just because it makes you happy… that is real love. And feeling this vibe, living it and sharing it is the biggest gift.
Hope you’ve all been good 😉

It was a great year and the best is yet to come, we know that for sure! Thank you to all our family, friends, clients for being part of the journey. We wish you a Merry Christmas, filled with joy, love, peace and unity, and a succesful, very Happy New Year!


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