Our Christmas gift to You

Our Christmas present to You

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If we add this peculiar weather we have in our parts (psst! somewhere in Eastern Europe, in a mystical place called Transylvania) we can say that this Christmas is unlike no other we witnessed. For us, the ImOK team, it is indeed a special Christmas and one of the things that make it so memorable is because we have developed a nice, retro-style game as a present for all of you!

The name of the game is The Viking Christmas Story! Probably the first question that pops into mind is: Why Viking? Fair question. To fully understand that, one should have been in our team in the past 6 months, at least! We work hard and sit hours and hours at our desks, but sometimes a well-deserved break is welcome. What we usually do in our break is to talk (a lot and very loud!) and the other thing what we like to do is play foossball (table football, we call it “csocsó”). We have fun and while we’re at it, we come up with some fun ideas, names and we joke a lot. This is how the VIKING MODE started – a strength “we activated” while we were playing “csocsó” and it required for the team to play harder, fight harder, shout if needed for motivation. Might sound barbaric, but as we are all peaceful it was a fun de-stressing activity.


Going forward in time, we thought around November to make a game as a present from us, to you, while had some problems with our internet. Some of us started to play in our Chrome browser that game with the dinosaur. If you didn’t know, if your internet is disconnected and you are using a Chromium based browser, you can play the  Endless T-Rex Runner Game by pushing the UP or RIGHT button on your keyboard.

As we were playing while waiting for our internet to come back, we thought how nice it would be if instead of the T-Rex we could jump and dodge birds with a VIKING. That was the spark for the idea of creating our own fun game – not a long one, just to help you relax or have some good old fashioned fun!

Ok, ok, but what about our present?

Yes, the game! You will play with a character named Ragnar OK and he is okay, ImOK! The purpose of the game is to collect all the five RUNES which are part of our logo:


  1. The rune of joy and celebration – WUNJO
  2. Hard work and perseverance – FEHU
  3. Divine protection, courage, inner strength – ALGIZ
  4. Harmony, patience, attention – JERA rune
  5. Strength and power, the final rune of URUZ

In this journey of collecting runes while trying to escape ghasts (those ghost-like characters) the player will get a special power, after finding each rune. Ragnar OK will be guided on his journey by Odin the Wanderer. The final battle against LOKI will be the biggest challenge of the game, a final battle where the good will conquer the bad.

Go on and give it a try! We hope you’ll like it as much as we do. Ragnar OK, we’re OK. ImOK, so are you!