Which are the most important web design trends?

A question that occurs often in the domain of web design and development. Trends in design were and will always be important because design is the first thing a user gets in contact with. Before we go further, we must emphasize on the fact that web design means not only the graphic design and layout of elements on a page – it covers user interface and experience!

WE have done a research about the most important, major trends in web design. Here they are:

1. Responsive and mobile friendly design

There are so many devices and resolutions that a responsive site a must. But we can’t say that this is something entirely new. What is new is the fact that even the mighty Google is ranking mobile friendly websites higher and the reason is very clear: more and more users are using mobile devices.

The ImOK team took part at a very interesting conference/workshop, Business Days Bucharest to be more precise, where a speaker said something that caught my attention. He said that in his opinion, there will be a time in the near future where web pages will be designed and developed primarily for mobile devices and not for PC’s, like it happens now. And I think he was right, because all is pointing in this direction. So when designing a webpage, this has to be simple, intuitive and similar to the design of native apps!


2. Performance and speed

Pages that load quickly are likely to be more productive. We said it on our webpage, when we introduced ourselves and I’ll repeat myself again: “Five seconds , or less – that’s how much you have to convince visitors to stay on your web page.” If a page loads more than a few seconds, chances are high that visitors will abandon your site. And who wants that?

Five seconds , or less – that’s how much you have to convince visitors to stay on your web page.

We are living in the age of information and people can get impatient if a site has performance issues.

3.  Infinite scrolling

Yes, the time has finally come when humanity enjoys scrolling. It took a long time for everyone to get used to it and not be annoyed because of it and the general reasoning is that people are scrolling more and more on their smartphones, tablets, phablets. And because of this feature, pages will get taller and information will be more spread so no need to squeeze everything in the fold area.

4. Flat design + Material design

As I mentioned before, it is very important for a website to load quickly. But it’s not only about this technicality – a website should be easy to understand. Simplicity is a very precious asset nowadays in the design of a web page and is very much appreciated by any user of the Internet. Minimal designs, beautiful interfaces, ring a bell? If you use mobile applications, it should. And now these apps seem to redefine user expectations, influencing web design.

Flat design is a current and also a future trend. And the usage of icons relating to the copy of the site can be very engaging in our opinion. If you look at our latest designs we made, you will notice we like icons. Ghost buttons – another design buzzword developers should consider!

Flat design - icons - ImOK

Material design on the other hand is the extension of flat design, but not only that. According to Google, material design is

a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.

Quite a description, huh? The point of this material design is to create something for everything. Since there are so many platforms and screen sizes, Google wants to give the same experience, no matter what device we are using.  Material design is Google’s guideline, principles developers should consider, adding animation, movement and lots of colors.

If you are interested in the details, you can find out more about Material design, here

Google - Material design - 2015

5. Big images and the rise of animation

Scrolling through what? The answer: simplified content, with big images and animations which carry information. Less text, more visual representation. And when it comes to animation, GIF’s are the best choice – they load quickly because their size is small, so no more Flash animations, please! Embedding of video content is also an option.

As it is very important for a website to be responsive, images have to scale to different resolutions.  High resolution pictures and vector images are the future. And another thing: if it’s possible, use customized images and not stock photos.


NOTE: This GIF was made only for an example. Content for a well designed website requires high quality images and animation, therefore more time and proper tools, definitely not using free online .gif creators. One of the reasons – they will have a watermark which is completely unprofessional.

6. Large typography

Images and animation will be completed by less text which are bigger, completing the structure of a page, giving more meaning. It’s rather a harmonious setup: flat, ultra-minimalist design with large and high resolution images, animation for a more engaging context completed with large fonts. And if responsive design is a must, maybe responsive typography should be too. Correction, typography HAS TO BE responsive, and that’s that 🙂



Keeping up with trends is obviously important. Either you go with the flow or you create something unique but also desirable, where users can be easily converted to potential customers. It’s easier to do the first thing, much harder to set up a trend.

Since there are so many platforms and devices we are using, it is very important to be able to provide the same experience. Apps and the heavy usage of mobile devices influences more than ever web design. What we have seen on mobile we will see more and more on desktop. Are you excited? I know I am 😀

What do you think, what other design trends did we miss? What would you add or what is that you do not fully agree with? Let’s discuss, leave a reply.


A merry year at ImOK

Hello friend! Long time no see! What have you been up to lately? How is everything going?

Let ME (ME, as in me and my great team) tell you what has happened with us in the past year. Since last Christmas, because that was the last time this blog has seen some action. By the way, I promise we will deliver more content on this Million dollar blog next year. Ok, moving on!

Since it is the end of another year, we reflect back these days on our projects, our team and teamwork, our development (both professional and personal), our progress. Each and everyone of us feels that we have made big steps (yet again! :D) and we are grateful for all the wonderful things we could do. We are excited about the growth of the team. This year, we almost doubled in numbers – ladies and gentleman, meet Miki, Czoka and Sasz. It was a massive satisfaction to see how these guys have managed to blend into the team  – we feel that we are working together since the beginning. There is definitely good chemistry between us, which is one of the cores to the success of a company like ours. We don’t stop here: we are looking for other talented peeps to join our team, so if you know someone who would like to work with us and gather knowledge every day in design, web development, app development or online marketing, hit us up with an email.

We are also grateful for all our clients who believed in us and gave us awesome projects we are proud of. This was another big step and we learned a lot and made incredible new things. One can never stop learning, and this is one of the greatest things in this field of business. We absolutely love doing what we are doing!

This year we made an awesome website for Snake River Brewery (truly great local beer, we tried them), we finished three major custom websites for Maurer Imobiliare and we launched the new Regiotrans trainline platform. We also made huge progress with two mobile apps – myHoliday and a service app for Maurer Imobiliare (soon to be released). And these are just a few of the many exciting projects we were involved in.

Through the wast experience that this year has given us, there was an important lesson, that represents this holiday by the way…
Yes, I’m talking about Love. And the real type of love. What is that?
Have you ever asked yourself the question? What is love?


We found out that it is the pleasure to give. When you give, without expecting anything in return, just because it makes you happy… that is real love. And feeling this vibe, living it and sharing it is the biggest gift.
Hope you’ve all been good 😉

It was a great year and the best is yet to come, we know that for sure! Thank you to all our family, friends, clients for being part of the journey. We wish you a Merry Christmas, filled with joy, love, peace and unity, and a succesful, very Happy New Year!


Our Christmas gift to You

Our Christmas present to You

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If we add this peculiar weather we have in our parts (psst! somewhere in Eastern Europe, in a mystical place called Transylvania) we can say that this Christmas is unlike no other we witnessed. For us, the ImOK team, it is indeed a special Christmas and one of the things that make it so memorable is because we have developed a nice, retro-style game as a present for all of you!

The name of the game is The Viking Christmas Story! Probably the first question that pops into mind is: Why Viking? Fair question. To fully understand that, one should have been in our team in the past 6 months, at least! We work hard and sit hours and hours at our desks, but sometimes a well-deserved break is welcome. What we usually do in our break is to talk (a lot and very loud!) and the other thing what we like to do is play foossball (table football, we call it “csocsó”). We have fun and while we’re at it, we come up with some fun ideas, names and we joke a lot. This is how the VIKING MODE started – a strength “we activated” while we were playing “csocsó” and it required for the team to play harder, fight harder, shout if needed for motivation. Might sound barbaric, but as we are all peaceful it was a fun de-stressing activity.


Going forward in time, we thought around November to make a game as a present from us, to you, while had some problems with our internet. Some of us started to play in our Chrome browser that game with the dinosaur. If you didn’t know, if your internet is disconnected and you are using a Chromium based browser, you can play the  Endless T-Rex Runner Game by pushing the UP or RIGHT button on your keyboard.

As we were playing while waiting for our internet to come back, we thought how nice it would be if instead of the T-Rex we could jump and dodge birds with a VIKING. That was the spark for the idea of creating our own fun game – not a long one, just to help you relax or have some good old fashioned fun!

Ok, ok, but what about our present?

Yes, the game! You will play with a character named Ragnar OK and he is okay, ImOK! The purpose of the game is to collect all the five RUNES which are part of our logo:


  1. The rune of joy and celebration – WUNJO
  2. Hard work and perseverance – FEHU
  3. Divine protection, courage, inner strength – ALGIZ
  4. Harmony, patience, attention – JERA rune
  5. Strength and power, the final rune of URUZ

In this journey of collecting runes while trying to escape ghasts (those ghost-like characters) the player will get a special power, after finding each rune. Ragnar OK will be guided on his journey by Odin the Wanderer. The final battle against LOKI will be the biggest challenge of the game, a final battle where the good will conquer the bad.

Go on and give it a try! We hope you’ll like it as much as we do. Ragnar OK, we’re OK. ImOK, so are you!

The million dollar blog $$$

HHello world and welcome to our blog. You know, as I am sitting on my chair on this cloudy March afternoon, it seems a little bit harder to write on our own blog than on other pages. But perhaps I am to excited to start this so called “The million dollar blog”. The first question that might pop-up in your head is probably “Why did you name it The million dollar blog?”. There are several reasons and I will try to explain it to you in a few sentences, below.

This blog is set to bring value:

  • value to you, my dear reader and internet enthusiast because of the information you will find and enjoy on this blog
  • value to me, personally because I will constantly gain experience in my writing and also in my knowledge, which I will pass on of course to this blog
  • and last but not least, value to ImOK as an agency, company, friends, family…

So yes, all in all, if someone could convert the contents from this blog into dollars, it would probably add up to a million dollars and probably even more. That is why, in my opinion, the name of the blog is more than right, or as we say, OK! 🙂

So sit back and relax because you will find out about the latest in technology, internet stuff, SEO news and tactics, internet marketing wizardries, social media trends and of course everything about our latest, awesome projects. So keep in touch friend, and don’t forget: if ImOK, you’re OK.

P.S. Here’s an artistic picture of ImOK‘s favorite dog. Meet Joe!

Joe - The ImOK hound